Success Is always a Collaborative Effort– But comes with a price..

No one ever is successful on their own. They had others that helped them get there. Politicians are no different, but the help they get is concentrated on campaign funds to advertise more than their opponent. This is where the partisan sponsorship comes into play.

. They generate a platform that uses certain issues that are opposing choices to the other parties . in general they both want individual rights and they trade off the rights of the unprotected , for instance Democrats believe a woman has rights over her body and should be able to abort an unborn child , while Republicans believe they have unlimited rights to guns to protect their families against anything that is a threat .while these issues are a national focus in government they really have no effect on local politics as the federal government has dominion over these decisions. So if you want to elect a good community leader based on the national agenda they will never havavr a chance to use it . But if they as an individual have good management skills or are good at problem solving they can do a lot more for a local community.

Here is As an example if how this Partisanship works against us ,if a citizen who does not believe in abortion and does believe we should have gun control it leaves me with no political party to support me if they decided to run for office .Now that the parties have adopted a winner take all stance you must give up your belief and follow party lines or try and win an election with either party being told to only vote for party candidates. For those that have no stomach for the shenanigans parties use to get votes that are highly unethical mainly creating false narratives. so the real problem we have is that we have intrude ted the concept of competition between parties into our government. You may wondered why this is so important and it certainly is not pleasant activity but if you are on the losing side and you will come to value winning more. so logically how do we avoid this pandemic political virus. Well if we learned anything from the corona pandemic is that there are certainly a lot of opinions on what we should do if we are identifying with a political group . And it goes with our saying that any solution we work on has traded offers that can affect us. but lets not focus on that lets focus on how we are being manipulated by the media and those that want our attention to sell us something. this is where the real virus that is causing more stress is being created that disrupts any possible chance of harmony with our community. they create and sustain the division of our community in regards to our rights with issues that are clearly unsolvable so they can let the debate rage while the silently slip in the sublimable adds. So first step is to combat this nonsense is turn off the TV and get your news from a reliable source that does not pander to the fears they created, the internet may be a good choice or an app that filers out the adds .

it should be a law no TV news program can be called news if it relies on ratings and advertisers to exist. Next is to understand that we are all in this together and if we are to survive in harmony we must put aside our partisan dogma that has been drilled into us and realize who the real enemy is ..those that want power over our choices.

Harmony is one of the key aspects of success. And harmony in government should be practiced in anything we want to have success with. Unfortunately, our political arena has been out of touch with the concept of Harmony for for quite awhile. The partisan mindset of winner takes all is the mode that can lead any country to its demise.

In our government having a different opinions or perspective is often taken to the extreme where it ignores other viewpoints because of them from an opposing party. The old Machiavellian idea that ways justify the “means” has been a debate for centuries. The fact is some ways do justify the means and some do not. The word “means” is ironically the exact issue we have in describing the process in politics  as it allows an anything-goes approach. This creates a mindset that we all must participate in the practice if we want to stay in office.

To harmonize means we sincerely listen to others and consider the trade-offs to make the best decision. If you are continuously insisting things your way it will lead to less desirable results in the long run.

Unethical is the word we assign to political acts that discredit your opponent with opinions on their character with false innuendos . Because our election system allows us freedom to give our opinion it is has become the most effective way to discredit the opponents   who can not or will not do it Back .  In my city this is unfortunately is the way some think you should campaign. While there may be some who do not our current Mayor did. Regardless then mayor did do something’s right in regards to the financial decisions for the city . To the mayors credit we are now debt free . In the opinion of the firefighters however the council did however ignore a pressing need to compensate our theme fairly and continued to stonewall the negotiations until recenetly . This still needs to be addressed , but unless we start acting a community of fair minded individuals that are not swayed by political banter it will never happen. Our Mayor has divided the community by doing exactly what the city charter did not want. Partisanship.

Unfortunately, only one of the newbies was elected and it was not me. Leaving me with the feeling that my intent to help my community was not as welcomed as I had thought. Shortly after the election, I had an unexpected setback, a heart attack and a quadruple bypass that took a few years to recover from, and then a bike accident that shattered the femur bone in my leg added another year of immobility and inactivity.

The idea we have to express our opinions is a basic right guaranteed by our constitution was put in place to allow us to give our perspective .

In my perspective using this Right with reckless abounds is wrong . To knowingly say things While I am not a candidate this time I have continued to try and help our community in other ways