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I have always struggled with a way to convey how we can bring ourselves to a place where we could communicate our ideas with out fear of judgment . That we had an understanding that we are not consciously aware of our preferences in regards to the cultural order of how  we act . Hopefully by exploring this we can be “A better version of our selves”  each day.  If you want to join our community just drop  me a message . There is no cost or divulging your contact to information or any unethical actions .if you  just have a heart to do the right thing to make a build a better world to live in its a safe community to explore how . 

As a quick side note … I take responding to you making contact pretty seriously. If you’ve given me your time by reading this site – I believe that implies a reciprocal obligation.

So here’s my promise: if you contact me, I’ll contact you back.

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