Welcome to our site . Not sure how you landed here but we are glad you did . Feel free to explore the ideas we have in our blog and if you want to join in the conversation at any point we would welcome you . We are a group that promotes diversity and inclusivity by using a common idea that we all have something to offer . The idea is to help you be a better person by understanding your self and others . 

Join us in our leadership efforts to make every community better

After 40 years of managerial experience in the high production high Precision manufacturing sector, rather than retire  I have decided to continue to use my experience and educational background to do what I enjoyed most not only as a training consultant but as a public servant to help our local community to make good decisions today about what will happen tomorrow that are well thought out and workable. See the blog for how we can work together, I have a lot of free content and training Templates that you can access  . If you have an idea you want to share or have questions about how to help  your local community text them to my mobile 727-480-7255 .Or email me at doutlaw@outlawsolutionsandconcepts.com .
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The Leadership A Community  Needs

A true community leader  never requires a title or position it only requires the ability to influence others . Then their power as a leader  is retained only as long as  they  do the right thing and show they care about those they influence by helping them make the best decision  to optimize the community and its  resources . 

A Vision For The Future

Our Future has been under constant  change  as we are forced to adjust our plans to accommodate the new challenges we face on a regular basis. The only way we can optimize our chances of not just surviving  but thriving is  by being involved in our community as part of a team  . To learn how you can lend your voice to our communities vision for the future click on the learn more button below 


Actionable Issues

While the list of issues can be endless the ones in my opinion listed below are topic catagories you can find in the blog below of 


Contribute to a Cause

The strategic policy institute Was developed to help us keep informed of new developments that could impact us if we are not prepared to deal with . If you would like to know how you can help support this nonpartisan alturistiic endeavor please click on the learn more button below 


Dangers of Political Partisanship in Local Governments

Success Is always a Collaborative Effort- But comes with a price.. No one ever is successful on their own. They had others that helped them get there. Politicians are no different, but the help they get is concentrated on campaign funds to advertise more than their...

Exploring Decision Making

the Idea

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Why I use only 7 tips or less in each blog

For those that are good at recognizing patterns you may see that all the tips are under 7 . This is because our conscious mind can only handle 7 interdependent variables. If we have more it tends to confuse us . However once a...

Talent or Preference Assessment

Developing Our Workforce

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How to be part of the solution and not the problem

Today more than ever we have to judge less and be respectful to others that do not share our opinions.  Not everyone has to agree on things, but we can all agree to show respect for others and do not share our beliefs. If we would then our  country would be more like the America our forefathers fought to give us.

Donate to those less fortunate

This site was constructed to be a guide and to share what I have learned about life and as a trainer coach and mentor to those that may be struggling. It’s my hope that by sharing these insights via this website your success would be limitless.

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Upcoming Events

3d printing training  for high school students preparing them for real world jobs in mfg 

https://daveoutlaw.com/ june 15- July 30

This is a pilot program and collaborative effort with local businesses   paid for by Pinellas County to give students a chance to gain experience in a real world . Students and business are given a chance to interview each other to establish an mutually beneficial opportunity . The opportunity  pays the students for 20 hours of work defined by the employer . 
The goal is to establish if the students career choice is one that they enjoy before committing to a college program. It is our opinion that this is a major step our school system has taken to restore the intent of education to provide a relevant future work force . While it may not provide a  short term return it will be a major step in helping our educational institutions to provide the students with experience that the industry demands for its new employees.