Enviromental Update — News Flash …We are all going to die!!!!

good news though… not all of us will die right away … just some of us … brrawwhaaha

but this one projection is for sure for now 10 out 10 of us will die one day …lets just try and not to make it sooner than later ..and do not pay too much attention to the projections they are never proven until they happen and things can change before they do ….so how do we find out whats going to happen?

there is new term being used called fear Porn and we all watch it daily on CNN and FOX .. lets not call it news because it really is more like a Netflix real life series of game of thrones . Where we can  not turn our heads away from king Trumpty Dumpty  for fear he might say something that makes sense to our politicians  and we will miss it .. then of course we have the minion followers of both parties who just want  to argue about nothing and have no real desire to settle because then they would have nothing to do and boredom will over take us all…

ok..enough sarcasm .lets talk about solution here in our own back yard… The burg is said tom have been  slowly sinking or the bay is rising …debate is unnecessary as the result is we can not live here unless we make some adjustments …and guess what we do have some data on the trends and if they continue we know when it will occur if things continue .

The idea we have is not to stop the change as we really have no idea about all the interdependent things that are causing it . The real solution lies in preparing for it first then addressing the issues we believe can slow it down…

Our community minded folks have a few things we can do… as we look at how nature has protected us naturally from eroding shore lines we can mimic the concept.