Dave Outlaw – Manufacturing Partner

Whether it is volunteering with community groups to improve our quality of life, working with the our local Communities to promote a pro-business environment, or organizing training and mentoring programs for our youth so they can access to the tools that they need to succeed, living and working in the Tampa Bay Region has been one of the most pleasurable and rewarding experiences of my life.

After consulting with family, friends and fellow citizens, I thought that serving in a  political postion would   give me a chance to give back to this town which has given me so much. After going through the election process I realized there was a lot more to running for office than I was prepared for . As a result I was not elected …but in the campaign process I met a lot of good people and found that you really can be a servant leader with out holding an office ..

My children and grandchildren all live in Tampa Bay region  too, and like any proud grandfather I want to make sure my family grows up in a clean, safe environment that is both a great place to live and a great place to work.

Our Community is continually  facing many crucial decisions that will play a vital role in determining whether or not its future is as bright as it has been for its current residents.

As a  servant leader , I will use the skills I have gained during my forty years managing successful businesses to help our community make decisions today about what will happen tomorrow that are well thought out and workable. Our town needs to focus on both offering new opportunities, and strengthening our existing tax base.  The Tampa Bay region has an amazing amount of potential but its existing assets need to be protected.

I hope you will help me continue to support our community  . Visit my website at daveoutlaw.com for more information or to let me know what is on your mind.